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Today, online casino industry is so big and mammoth that nobody can imagine once there was no one to offer casino services online. Though, traditional gambling forms are available since ages, and even, Internet technologies are also available since a considerable time, yet it was considered a risky business to offer money-spinning services online. However, late twentieth century saw some courageous casino operators who started their first online casinos to begin a new era in casino gambling. Now, we’ve billions of dollars keep changing hands, but in its beginning years not many traditional players were interested to wager money online. The first ever known online casino software developer was Microgaming, and so, most of the earlier online casinos were powered by Microgaming gaming solutions. Among those who started online gambling, only few still named as what they used to be, perhaps, many of them have changed their avatars, or their ownership has now been shifted to new hands.


The Gaming Club

The Gaming Club is arguably the first online casino launched (this is what they have marketized themselves to be). They claim they have started their online operations back in 1994, so they’re the first online casino operator. The Gaming Club’s online games got overwhelming response from all corners of the world, and so it launched more casinos under its brand name: The Gaming Club Group of Casinos. Later, the group had been taken over by Carmen Media Group to form a new online casino group named: Belle Rock Group, which is still going strong. Today, this group has more than ten online casinos offering their gaming exclusives in more than five global languages. Accordingly, it’s a rusted name in online gambling market today.


Intertops Casino

If The Gaming Club claims to be the first online casino, Intertops Casino is not far behind. Perhaps, many still say that Intertops Casino is the oldest online casino lunched in 1996; coz The Gaming Club had no existence in 1994 (as they claim). Intertops Casino was powered by Cryptologic, so it was the first online casino under Cryptologic’s software solutions. Intertops Casino was primarily aimed towards US online players, perhaps, it had created a large client base in its few years of operations till anti gambling law: UIGEA was enacted in US. Soon after, Intertops Casino had to launch a new online casino named Intertops Red, which still says, “Trust the first online since 1996.”

Apart from these legendry online casinos, there were more who started their online ventures soon after to mark today’s biggest range of online casinos. So, we have to respect the courage of legendry casinos who provided a new source of entertainment, i.e., online casinos.

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Playing Online Casinos Games For Free

Generally, casino games are taken as the sole medium of money spinning, online or offline, but it is not true altogether. Casino games can also be enjoyed for free – without a real winning amount! Online casinos, usually, allow demo modes of each of their games either to get the players feedback, or if their games are running properly or not. Even the final version of every casino game can be played in its demo mode, if a casino allows so. Perhaps, it’s now become a marketing part of every online casino’s operational strategy to impound lots of online players under their database. Actually, this is a beneficial strategy that works well for both, players as well online casinos. Casinos have the advantage to increase their players base with a hope that, sometime, a player can use his real money to place his real bets, while players have the advantage to experience the real gameplay of every popular casino game for free! Of course, if a player wants to win real money, then he has to play with his real money, yet; players enjoy their demo sessions completely.


Reasons for Offering Free Games

It’s not always necessary to use real money for any casino real money games, coz nowadays, online gambling is a vast industry with lots of gaming operators who compete in a cut throat style, and they use their extreme wealth to dominate the online gambling industry. Many big online casinos, which can afford to, offer a complete free gaming session with decent playing credits that can be used to wager real bets during a free session at casino’s cost! In a mean, it provides users a fruitful way to enjoy casino games at their full peak, perhaps, with real money too. Besides casino, there’re many other places who offer their users free playing of any casino game to get their reader familiar with every casino game, which they can later play for real money, once they get enough playing confidence to win something out of the game.


A Strategical Approach

Further, smart players always use free online games to test casinos gaming service standards, and how genuine gaming odds they provide. A thorough research is always needed before choosing an online casino for player’s online money spinning needs. Perhaps, it’s also a better gaming strategy to enjoy free games, and only play with real money, if you think; you have a better chance to win an amount out of them. Hence, online casinos games are the integral part of online gambling industry, which are comprehensively enjoyed by millions of online players for their varied gaming needs!

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